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Rather personal advice?
Do you find it difficult to work out your bra size from the chart? Mail us with your under bust width, upper width (see steps 1 and 2 below)together with any other information and experience. We are happy to advise you.

Bra size in three steps
You will need a tape measure and a mirror and, even better, an assistant. It’s not difficult. Measure carefully and write down the measurements. If you like, repeat more than once, just to make sure that you have measured correctly.


Measure the circumference of your body immediately below the breasts, without wearing a bra. If your breasts are somewhat pendulous then lift them up a little so that you may obtain an exact measurement of the smallest part of your upper body. Keep the tape measure at the same height front and back! Pull it tight, but make sure that it does not squeeze. This is how you work out your band size.

The upper width, in relation to your underband size, decides your cup size. Measure your circumference on the fullest part of your breasts. This is usually at nipple height. You can measure with or without a bra, as long as it is unpadded. Do not pull the tape tight here, but hold it loosely (breast tissue “gives” if you pull the tape tight): again, hold the tape at same height back and front.

Where breasts are a little pendulous, it is easiest to measure a well fitting bra without padding. You can also take measurements wearing a tight vest. Bend forward until your back is horizontal; your breasts are now situated a little higher inside the vest – as if they had been lifted. Measure over the fullest part of the breasts and pull the tape a little tighter so that the breasts become a little rounder – just as if you were wearing a bra. Tape at same height front and back.


Given these two measurements you should be able to find your bra size in the table below. For instance, your under bust width of 76 cm gives you a band width of 75 cm. If your upper width is then 84 cm then your cup size is AA – look under band size 75. Your bra size is therefore 75 AA.

bh maat meten - kleine cup maat aa maat aaa
Under buste width






Band size (EU|UK|B,E,F) 60|28|75 65|30|80 70|32|85 75|34|90 80|36|95 85|38|100
Cup size Upper width
AAA 65-67 70-72 75-78 80-82 85-87 90-92
AA 68-70 73-75 78-80 83-85 88-90 93-95
A 70-72 75-77 80-82 85-87 90-92 96-98
B 73-75 78-80 83-85 88-90 93-95 98-100



You may hesitate between two cup sizes if, for instance, your band width is 75 and your upper width is 84 cm in which case you could choose between cup AA or cup A. Then take another look at the under bust width; if it is 73 cm (less than 75 cm), then go for cup A, because relatively the cup size is a little larger. By comparison, should the under bust width be not 73 cm but 77 cm (more than 75 cm) then you would be better advised to choose a cup AA; relatively speaking the cup size is a little smaller.

NB: the table goes up to EU band size 85. Should your band size be bigger then mail us with your under bust width and upper width for personal advice, for we do have bras with band sizes 90 and 95.

Good to know

  1. Many women have one breast larger than the other. Take care that that the bra fits the larger breast well. In order to ensure that the bra fits the smaller breast well too, there are some very nice fillings. Take a look at accessories.
  2. Cup sizes increase where the band size is larger, therefore an EU 80A bra has a larger cup than a EU 75A
  3. Close a new bra with the first hook. Elasticity decreases as time goes on; you can wear the bra on a tighter closure later on.
  4. An often made mistake is a bra band that is too roomy. When you wear a bra you should really feel it, especially in the first 15 minutes. After that time the body gets used to the bra and it should not feel so tight by then.

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